Rules for hosting events.

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Rules for hosting events. Empty Rules for hosting events.

Post by ArcAngel on Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:18 pm

Rules for hosting an event in this gaming community.

There is 2 types of events allowed to be hosted in this gaming community.

1) Clan events : These events are for clan members only, This means you must have an acc in 1 of our many clans eg. gunz,flyff,counter strike. (This means as long as you have an active acc in any of these games , then you can take part in this type of event).

2) Community event : These events are open to all in the community, as long as you are an active former you may take part in these type of events.

All events must be laid out with all info and submitted to sporadic for approval before any events can take place.
All events winners must submit a screen shot and recording upon completion of each event or match round if it is a tier event.
Once the event is laid out and posted, no changes will be made and no completion of event dates will be changed.
Any complaining, egoing or trash talking will result in disqualifying that member in single player events and team disqualification in team events.

These rules will be followed to the letter, no exceptions.

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